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    In The Face Of Growing Fraud Threats, Finance Firms Should Look At Managed Security 

    continue to expand in financial services and , insurance companies and securities at security for better protection, says Accenture.
    Financial Technology

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    To Prevent Breaches, Banks Must Change the Way They Face Threats 

    Security firms have evolved their techniques to meet mounting on a digital front, as such too. At NICE Actimize, a cybersecurity and compliance firm established in 1999, Mary Ann Miller, senior director and fraud executive advisor, told Bank Innovation that within banks, departments have merged to better address threats. “Banks are [&;]
    Bank Innovation

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    Voice Banking Faces Threats Before It Even Arrives 

    has been touted as the to watch in 2018 ( on this very site), but two developments this week show the new technology has significant challenges to overcome. Whether or not consumers choose to engage in “voice banking,” the risks are growing. Juniper Research predicts that half of American households will contain a [&;]
    Bank Innovation

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    Ch-ch-changes—It’s time to address cybersecurity threats in banking 

    David Bowie’s guitarist Carlos Alomar recently described the challenge of playing with a genius who was a musical chameleon throughout his long career. “David Bowie’s music is a moving target. Just when you think you’ve got the bullseye, it shifts.”

    Read the report

    Many could say the same about striking the right balance between delighting customers with frictionless digital experiences and keeping their data safe. As bank business models evolve from walled gardens to having to compete on the open digital savannah, it’s getting harder to strike that balance. Business model changes are creating proliferation in both internal and external points of data exchange. The integration of digital and branch channels; ecosystem platforms that expose APIs to partners; the shift from data centres to cloud storage on third-party servers; and a workforce that increasingly includes a wide array of contractors are just some of the new data interfaces that are being created.

    As these points of exchange proliferate, banks increase their information security risk. Criminals are still liable to attack banks because “that’s where the money is”, but bank robbers have been joined in the digital world by angry social media mobs, geo-politically motivated state actors, ‘ethical’ hackers seeking radical information transparency, and many other types of that together have created an information security arms race. It’s no surprise that the target of the hackers in the first season of the hit TV show ‘Mr. Robot’ was banks.

    Accenture recently survey 275 security executives to hear their views on the state of in the industry. The survey showed that most are confident about their ability to protect their assets and their customers from fraud, malware, and a host of other security breaches. Some 78 percent of the executives reported confidence in their cybersecurity strategies, 76 percent said cybersecurity is now embedded in their culture, and a full 93 percent believe their cybersecurity capabilities can protect their customers’ information.

    But the survey also indicated that this confidence may be misplaced. Our research found that these same banks face an average of 85 targeted breach attempts per year—a third of which are successful. The stakes are also getting higher, with recent breaches of international payments systems creating multi-billion-dollar downside risks. If banks are to retain their customers’ trust, this gap between the reassurance projected by management and the reality of multiple successful breaches a month needs to be closed—and quickly.

    It starts with better threat assessment and a dynamic prioritization of investments against emerging risks. It also means building a strong risk culture and supporting it with appropriate controls and tools that build resilience and defence in depth. Continuous attack simulations from white-hat hackers can also provide valuable insights into the maturity of a bank’s security program and its readiness to parry the continuously evolving set of threats.

    Just like David Bowie, cybersecurity threats keep changing and evolving, so the Carlos Alomars of bank information security need to ensure that they can keep up.

    To learn more about building better cybersecurity in banking, I invite you to read our High Performance Security report: Solving Banking’s Cybersecurity Conundrum

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    Insider Threats Management – das müssen Sie wissen! 

    74% der Unternehmen sind nach eigenen Angaben anfällig für Attacken. 42% aller Unternehmen geben jedoch an, nicht ausreichend gegen dagegen geschützt zu sein. (*)

    Insider Threat Spotlight Report 2016

    Insider Threat Spotlight Report 2016 &; Company Vulnerability

    75% aller Unternehmen schätzen, dass die Korrektur eines Insider bis zu 500.000 US-Dollar kosten kann. 25% wiederum denken, die Kosten könnten 500.000 US-Dollar sogar übersteigen und bis in die Millionen gehen.

    Insider sind Personen, denen wir wissentlich Zugriff auf unsere Daten geben. Zum einen sprechen wir von Partnerfirmen, die Ihre Systeme administrieren. Obwohl dies meist auch geographisch extern gelegene Partnerfirmen sind, werden sie durch die vergebenen Berechtigungen automatisch zu Insidern. Auf der anderen Seite sind Insider aber vor allen anderen Ihre eigenen Mitarbeiter.

    Wie stellen Sie heute fest, was diese mit Ihren Daten machen? Haben Sie den vollen Überblick? Denn: 60% aller Insider Threats eines Unternehmens werden durch privilegierte Anwender begangen. Privilegierte Anwender sind beispielsweise Manager mit Zugriffsberechtigungen auf sensible Informationen.

    Insider Threat Spotlight Report 2016-page 7

    Insider Threat Spotlight Report 2016 &8211; Risky Users

    71% der Fälle von Datenverlust eines Unternehmens passieren unbeabsichtigt, gefolgt von fahrlässigen (68%) und böswilligen (61%) Anwendern. 

    Ihre Anwender sinnvoll zu schulen und zu trainieren, generiert meist viel Aufwand. Der Markt hat in diesem Segment nicht viel zu bieten.
    &8211; Heute weisen Sie via E-Mail auf Policies hin und hoffen, dass diese umgesetzt werden.
    &8211; Sie schulen Ihre Mitarbeiter halbjährlich in Konferenzräumen, die das Gesehene zwei Minuten nach Verlassen des Raumes wieder vergessen haben.
    &8211; Sie weisen Mitarbeiter an, nervige Multiple-Choice Tests abzuarbeiten

    IBV und observeit-

    Dieses Webinar zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie die Security-Awareness Ihrer Anwender kosteneffizient steigern, ohne dass diese den Arbeitsplatz verlassen . Gleichzeitig schützen Sie sich gegen Insider-Attacken.

    Zur Teilnahme am Webinar, melden Sie sich hier an!

    * Quelle: Insider Threat Spotlight Report 2016


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    PayPal Responds to Visa Threats, Sort of 

    Last week, &;s Chief Executive Charles Scharf went on a bit of a rant describing the complicated relationship between and payment networks. At a different conference yesterday, Dan Schulman, PayPal&8217;s chief executive, didn&8217;t seem concerned about the dire warnings coming from Visa: I know that there has been a long historyRead More
    Bank Innovation

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