Israel Innovation: Fintech and Cyber Conference and Showcase in Zurich 

is organizing an event in Switzerland later this month to connect senior representatives of the Swiss financial industry with the Israeli and scene.

Fintech and Cyber Showcase 2016The Israel Innovation Effect: Fintech and Cyber showcase 2016 (IIE 2016), occurring on May 30 at the UBS Grünenhof Center in , intends to foster new business opportunities and partnerships between players from both country.

Organized by the Economic & Trade Department of the Embassy of Israel in Switzerland, in partnership with UBS and Accenture, the event will provide Swiss financial professionals and bankers with the opportunity to have 1:1 meetings with Israeli startups.

15 Israeli innovative companies to present in Zurich

15 companies, that are tackling areas such as technology, big data, portfolio management and optimization, will be presenting at the event.

ACID Technologies, a cyber-security company that provides solutions to detect potential threats and risks;

Argoscope Detelix Software Technologies Ltd. develops and provides fraud and embezzlement protection to organizations;

AU10TIX, a digital identification and verification company that provides solutions for ID document authentication and client onboarding for both branch and online platforms;

BondIT, a provider of comprehensive analytics solutions for the fixed-income market;

Checkmarx,  a comprehensive Application Security platform used for finding & fixing application layer vulnerabilities during software development as well as blocking attacks in real time.

Finnovest uses mobile devices to enable advisors to generate personalized and suitable investment recommendations to numerous clients simultaneously;

Hermetic helps end users and services providers protect sensitive assets, resist account takeover, and improve user experience;

Kensee, a company that provides a management information system for commercial real estate;

OffLa patented security process is based on a smart risk calculation algorithm, operates inside the wallet during the transaction;

PayKey, a blockchain technology company, enables payments within any social network, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Twitter;

SecBi, a tool for security analysts to reduce breach response time and optimize mitigation;

Votiro, a cyber-security company that develops and licenses software solutions for organizations;

Windward, a maritime data and analytics company, bringing unprecedented visibility to the maritime domain;

Wisesec offers a technology to set an abundance of solutions, including integration for cardless ATMs;

YCD Multimedia provides a digital signage playback, distribution and content management platform for informational, educational and commercial messaging

15 fintech and cyber companies presenting during IIE 2016

15 fintech and cyber companies presenting at IIE 2016

Areas of focus

Essentially, IIE 2016 will be focused on five particular topics:

  • Alternative views on investment management;
  • Disintermediation in financial services and industry (peer-to-peer, blockchain use cases, etc);
  • Security and authentication technologies including federation with partners;
  • Identity protection, controlled sharing/privacy, avatars; and
  • Service meshes.

The event will be split into two parts: the morning will be dedicated to keynote presentations on topics such as the Swiss fintech landscape and the blockchain industry; and the afternoon session will be dedicated to 1:1 meetings of 20 minutes each.

Speakers will include;

  • Stefan Arn, global head of technology of UBS Wealth Management and UBS Switzerland and Group IT
  • George Schmidt, Managing Director of Accenture
  • Jonathan S. Rouach, an Israeli blockchain expert

Please note that registration to the event is mandatory and all delegates are invited to schedule the 1:1 meetings in their registration form.

The event is also on Twitter: Follow @IsraelInEffect and the hashtag IIE2016

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