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    First Data Joins Silicon Valley Bank In Fintech Accelerator 

    and look for companies with Series A funding for their virtual program.
    Financial Technology

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    Funding for Startups in FIS-Backed Fintech Accelerator Reaches $38 Million 

    EXCLUSIVE &; If the future of banking is partnering with , then finding the most innovative and efficient fintechs becomes crucial for ’ success. This demand has led to the rise of third-party run programs. One such program is Little Rock, Ark.-based The Venture Center’s FinTech Accelerator program, which is backed by financial [&;]
    Bank Innovation

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    First Data Joins Silicon Valley Bank In Fintech Accelerator 

    and look for companies with Series A funding for their virtual program.
    Tom Groenfeldt – Financial Technology

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    F10 Selects 10 Fintech Startups For The -Swiss Accelerator Program 

    F10F10, the Incubator and , is delighted to announce that out of the 167 Startup companies that applied to F10’s Prototype to Product (P2) 10 have been chosen to join.

    The P2 Program allows teams with a thrilling prototype to participate in the product development program where they produce a minimal viable product and subsequently incorporate their startup. These 10 startups will now become part of F10’s roster and will be accompanied and supported in their endeavor to bring their ideas to the market.

    Earlier this month, F10 announced to the world that the FinTech Incubator and Accelerator had reorganized itself in the form of an association with the aim of bringing innovation to the finance and insurance sectors of Switzerland and Europe.

    The F10 association includes the well-known members Julius Bär, Switzerland’s leading private banking group, and PwC Switzerland; who together with SIX form the foundation upon which the Fintech Incubator and Accelerator is built.

    Twice a year, F10 offers a six-month “Prototype to Product (P2)” program which assists yearly up to 20 selected, promising teams/startups to transition their prototype into a sellable product. The teams gain access to the working space at F10 in Zurich. Coaches from the F10 team, as well as external mentors, will be allocated to each team to support them and ensure that they achieve their milestones. The first batch begins in November 2016 and ends in April 2017.

    Throughout the six-month period, the teams will attend lessons and workshops grouped into five units: Vision, Team & Strategy; Business, Product & ; Marketing & Sales; Legal & Regulations and Demo Day & Graduation. Coaches and mentors will be present to ensure that the teams are on the right track.

    The program can be partially completed online/off-site with only certain dates requiring actual on-site presence. F10 will cover travel expenses with a 15’000 CHF reimbursement for each team upon achieving their determined milestones.

    By the end of the program, teams/startups will have gained in-depth experience of all aspects of the financial industry and top level contact to big financial players, they will have access to the F10 association members’ global network of and benefit from SIX services, regulators, angel investors and venture capitalists. Participation is free and F10 does not take equity in the Startups.

    The 10 Startups that have been chosen to participate in the next P2 Program are:

    A P2P ecosystem which is completely decentralized by eliminating centralized servers to insure that no one cloud computing company has access to the users’ data and information.



    Generating better access to compliance regulations by providing easily integrated public programming interfaces (APIs) that facilitate access to always up-to-date and verified compliance rules.



    bizgeesBiz Gees
    Technology customised for philanthropic P2P lending with a focus on micro loans for micro businesses in refugee camps.




    Enterprise BotEnterprise Bot
    Focussing on an automated customer support system for banks that is able to understand and act upon customer queries and is easily integrated into existing infrastructure.



    Creating fast, simple and hands-off two-factor user authentication for online applications that require additional security by pairing mobile devices with computers in the vicinity of each other.



    Providing investors with a streamlined system to access tailored loans from multiple P2P loan platforms around the world.




    Creating virtual ATMs where users can withdraw cash from any shop that joins the program at over 50% cheaper than the current ATM withdrawal costs.




    Profiling and training of trading professionals using gamified simulators and machine-learning algorithms.




    Designers of the ThematicCloud, a platform which will facilitate thematic investment processes by combining technology and research to produce customizable and sustainable thematic investment vehicles.



    Creating a platform to allow wealth management institutions to recognize and exploit synergies amongst their clients, and in a further step amongst their peers.




    This article first appeared on F10

    The post F10 Selects 10 Fintech Startups For The -Swiss Accelerator Program appeared first on Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News – FintechNewsCH.

    Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News – FintechNewsCH

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    Kickstart Accelerator Zurich Selects 10 Startups for Fintech Category 

    Kickstart, a Swiss program based in , has announced the ten selected to join its first batch of the summer program. These ten startups will now begin the acceleration phase and will temporarily relocate their teams to Zurich and prepare for Demo Day set to place on November 04, 2016.

    The ten fintech startups are tackling a number of sub-segments composing financial services ranging from mobile payments, insurance, to risk management and stock trading.

    UBS Schweiz twitter Kickstart Accelerator 2016 Fintech

    via @UBSschweiz, Twitter

    Veezoo, a Swiss startup based in Zurich that provides a tool for people to allow them to explore and visualize stock market data efficiently. Veezoo is supported by SIX.

    James, owned by New York-based Crowdprocess, is a SaaS for risk departments. James allows risk officers to build, test and validate credit-scoring models, and is equipped with Machine Learning algorithms, techniques and validation methods. Crowdprocess is funded by Seedcamp, top Google executives, Thompson Reuters, the European Central Bank, Quant research funds, among other investors.

    Sureify, by California-based Sureify Labs, is a SaaS-based engagement platform that provides a solution to carrier&;s ongoing problem of staying connected to their policyholders. Sureify specializes in life insurance products.

    Mergims is a Rwandan mobile commerce and payments app that focuses on remittances to African countries. Mergims allows for the payment of mobile topups, utility bills, but also links to critical services such as hospital, medicines, school and transports.

    Gatechain is a Zurich-based startup that uses for trade finance that allows for the reduction of processing time and the lowering of costs while improving cash-flow in trade.

    Zoa, a solution developed by Zurich-based company MyDataMint, is an application and a platform for exchanging personal data between consumers and companies. On Zoa, companies can buy personal data directly from users in exchange for cash.

    Lenditapp, a New York-based company, provides a a cloud-based business process and Customer Acquisition Management solution for sales organization and funders catering to the alternative small business lending community.

    Nivaura, formerly known as Crowdaura, provides a blockchain-based digital platform for execution and lifecycle management of small financial assets. The company targets investment , asset managers, brokers, reinsurers and exchanges.

    Surong 360 is a Chinese startup that provides a platform for peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. Targeted at university students and alumni, Surong 360 doesn&8217;t intervene in the transaction, but instead, functions as a social network for P2P lending with flexible interest rates.

    BreadWallet is a standalone mobile wallet aimed at providing users with a simple, convenient and secure solution to send and receive bitcoins on their smartphones.

    Launched in January this year during the Investor Summit, Kickstart combines the strengths of academia, global corporations, and many successful local startups, to deliver an internationally recognized startup program aimed at giving access to promising startups to Switzerland&8217;s hub of tech and innovation.

    Kickstart Accelerator ZurichThe Kickstart Accelerator is operated by Impact Hub Zurich and is an initiative launched in cooperation with DigitalZurich2025, a cross-industry project aimed at turning Switzerland into a leading digital innovation hub in Europe.

    The Kickstart Accelerator has four verticals: fintech, smart and connected machines, future and emerging technology and food.

    Selected startups are given up to 25,000 CHF in seed funding, a monthly founder stipend of up to 1,500 CHF to support living costs, dedicated mentorship from industry leaders, a shared office space and fast-track access to relevant industry partners and the Swiss startup ecosystem.

    Backed by some of Switzerland&8217;s biggest companies including UBS, Credit Suisse, Swisscom, Migros and EY, the Kickstart Accelerator aims at supporting young international entrepreneurs and focuses on launching new products into the market as well as promoting the domestic digital innovation scene.


    Featured image via @UBSSchweiz, Twitter.

    The post Kickstart Accelerator Zurich Selects 10 Startups for Fintech Category appeared first on Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News – FintechNewsCH.

    Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News – FintechNewsCH

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    Bank of England Gets into Fintech Space with ‎Accelerator for Innovations 

    The Old Lady is aiming to keep pace with challenges by inviting firms to participate in its new initiative
    FinTech – Finance Magnates | Financial and business news

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    Bank of England Fintech Accelerator Partners with PwC on distributed ledger Proof of Concept 

    A team of PwC’s specialists in DLT and testing worked alongside the to design and carry out a of to investigate the capability of &; which creates a single shared view of transactions, allowing every participant simultaneous access to a shared view of information.

    The Proof of Concept was built to explore the potential opportunities and challenges of using DLT for payments settlement.

    Nick Bouch, financial services data leader and partner at PwC, said:

    “This is a significant piece of work and PwC are very excited to have been able to support the Bank in developing their first DLT Proof of Concept, which will enable the Bank to gain a better awareness of DL from both a technology and policy perspective.”

    Rob Elsey, Chief Information Officer for the Bank of , said:

    “This Proof of Concept brought to life the core features of distributed ledgers, greatly enhancing the Bank’s understanding of DLT. With PwC’s support, the Bank’s developers used the latest techniques and software to deliver this POC and have gained further skills that will enable additional rapid Proof of Concepts in the future.”

    For more information on please visit PwC

    The post Bank of England Fintech Accelerator Partners with PwC on distributed ledger Proof of Concept appeared first on Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News – FintechNewsCH.

    Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News – FintechNewsCH

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    Eric van der Kleij joins DigitalZurich2025’s Kickstart Accelerator program to develop and internationally connect FinTech in Switzerland 


    van der &; Source: wikimedia.org

    The founding partners of Kickstart Accelerator – an initiative of DigitalZurich2025 &8211; are delighted to announce that Eric van der Kleij, former CEO of TechCity UK and founder of Level39, together with an experienced international team will lead the development of the scheduled to launch in August 2016.

    Eric and the team bring with them a wealth of experience from setting up and delivering world-class accelerator programs and hubs such as Level 39 in London, to supporting and investing in high potential startups in Silicon Valley. Working for the team they will apply their expertise and international connections throughout August to November 2016 at the Kickstart Accelerator program in the heart of Zurich.

    I am impressed with the level of ambition, resource and access that Kickstart and its leading banking, insurance, telco and consulting partners have brought together” says Eric van der Kleij. “Adding the international FinTech connections to Zurich as a world financial centre will prove hugely attractive for pioneering new talent and I believe that the close links being organised between founders and the partner companies will help to both high potential new concepts and the connections to rapidly scale for world markets.

    The FinTech program is part of the Kickstart Accelerator, an initiative of DigitalZurich2025 and one of the largest accelerators in Europe, which aims at promoting as one of the leading locations for digital enterprise. Operated by Impact Hub, the Kickstart Accelerator and its distinct FinTech program will provide unrivalled access for selected start-ups to leading players in the Swiss and global financial marketplace.

    Furthermore, successful applicants will benefit from financial assistance for three months, a workplace in Zurich, industry-leading mentorship, exclusive meetings with prominent voices in the FinTech ecosystem, introductions to investors and, of course, the expert guidance of Eric van der Kleij and the international accelerator team.

    As of today more than 900 teams from 40 countries have applied for the coveted places at one of the four Kickstart programs which are organised into four themes: FinTech, Smart & Connected Machines, Food and Emerging & Future Technologies.

    For FinTech more than 200 start-ups have submitted their business cases with focus areas in , Smart Contracts, Wealth Management, InsureTech and Digital Identity.

    A detailed selection process is currently underway to identify applicants that have the most compelling concepts as well as the largest potential to benefit from the three months acceleration program. Final selections are to be expected no later than July 2016.

    The FinTech program within Kickstart Accelerator is funded and facilitated collaboratively by several leading Swiss-based organisations including Credit Suisse, EY, Global FinTech Association, Swisscom, Swiss Life and UBS.
    kickstart accelator program



    DigitalZurich2025 is a cross-industry initiative which aims at making Switzerland a leading digital innovation hub in Europe. Its focus lies on enabling digital start-ups, companies and talents as well as supporting Swiss companies in managing the digital transformation. The initiative was set up in 2015 by over 20 well-known companies, academic institutions and political representatives.

    Kickstart Accelerator


    Kickstart is the most ambitious Swiss startup program to date. Never before has Switzerland or Europe had a multi- corporate and equity-free accelerator program welcoming over 100 founders from around the world. Backed by academia, corporates and the local startup ecosystem, it aims to put Switzerland on the map by bringing some of the most promising early-stage startups from different fields to Switzerland for three months. Operated by Impact Hub Zürich, Kickstart Accelerator was founded in 2015 and is an initiative in cooperation with DigitalZurich2025.

    Impact Hub Zürich

    Impact zurich hub

    Impact Hub Zürich is a community of creators building a radically collaborative world. Being part of the largest network of entrepreneurship and innovation centers across the globe, Impact Hub Zürich sets out to create a thriving innovation ecosystem where people collaborate across organizations, cultures and generations to solve the grand challenges of our time. Impact Hubs offer community memberships, workspace, incubation & acceleration programs and corporate innovation services.

    The post Eric van der Kleij joins DigitalZurich2025’s Kickstart Accelerator program to develop and internationally connect FinTech in Switzerland appeared first on Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News – FintechNewsCH.

    Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News – FintechNewsCH

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