Boosting Growth with Customer Identity Management Highlights

Highlights of the Webinar:

  • Presentation by Phil Allen from Ping Identity on Customer Identity Management – Providing Growth in Today’s Digital-First World
  • Panel Discussion including Customer Identity and Biometrics experts to discuss on Digital Identity: break into the secret well of revenue & customer acquisition

In the pandemic, many businesses turned to the digital medium to survive in the market, but today the survival has shifted to growth by utilizing cloud-based technologies and Customer Identity Access Management systems. 

So, to make businesses realize the need for Customer Identity Management (CIM) bringing another informative webinar Group Futurista hosted ‘Boosting Growth with Customer Identity Management’ on 8th December 2020. 

Leading in the field of servicing Identity security to Global Enterprises, Phil Allen, Vice President, EMEA from Ping Identity presented about ‘Customer Identity Management – Providing Growth in Today’s Digital First World’, illustrating some great points which include: 

  • The needed balance to be acquired between Customer Demand Security and Customer Demand Convenience, where prioritizing security or demand may result in a bad experience with the brand.  
  • The primary goal of business is – providing extraordinary services and protection from frauds, which include making access to the brand look seamless for customers interacting for the first time. 
  • Getting rid of passwords and turning to zero logins (where customers can access their account through any device) by deploying additional factor authentication. 
  • Building trust with the customers by understanding their background and analyzing their behavioral patterns. Also building a unified profile for the customer’s data, and making sufficient room for privacy and control for the customers. 
  • CIM to become the cornerstone in today’s business, where allocating consent enforcement will build trust with customers leading to revenue growth. 

Further, the Panel Discussion was held moderated by Steve Cook, Digital Identity and Biometric Consultant where the panelists included Phil Allen, from Ping Identity, Siddhaarth Iyer, Head of Digital and Experience, AXA, and Dr. Kevin McLafferty, Global Head of Business Intelligence, HSBC. 

The discussion revolved around the issues concerning the future of Digital Identity, the value of customer acquisition, the possibility of fraud, and much more. The highlights of the discussion were: 

  • In the Banking Industry, as said by Kevin, the possibility of a Digital Passport makes access across multi-channel fast and easy. Further how to leverage Digital Identity for a great banking experience. 
  • Under the Insurance sector, Siddhaarth points out the need to provide the customers with the same experience across all channels. Where the Insurance sector follows the banking industry in adapting to digital advancement. 
  • To evade frauds, the passwordless process must be adopted which will reduce the friction, also using QR code and OTP (one-time-password) for protected access. 
  • Cleaning of browser cookies as people are vulnerable to frauds in COVID-19, and educating the customers to reinforce the message of how to stay secure digitally by the
  • Additionally, we can see the development of voice recognition, movement detection, Identity Wallets, and Factor Authentication to maintain the balance between security and good customer experience. 

With this, the webinar concluded with Group Futurista announcing their upcoming webinars ‘Future of 5G for Businesses’, ‘Future of Digital Supply Chain in a Post-COVID World 3.0’ & ‘Future of Fraud Management for Businesses’ scheduled on 15th January 2021, 21st January 2021 and 27th January 2021 respectively. 

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