Group Futurista Announces the Launch of the ‘Futurecast Webinar Series”.

The world is changing and changing fast. As the world slowly but steadily moves towards Artificial Intelligence, the questions we are faced with are –

‘What can we do today to make sure we remain relevant tomorrow?’;

‘Will human beings be easily replaced by machines?’;

‘Will human and artificial intelligence converge for the greater good of humankind?’

‘Is our current economic system viable for machines and humans to thrive, with human happiness as the main goal?’

In order to help companies navigate the future, Group Futurista is hosting its 1st series of Webinars –“the Futurecast Webinar Series”.

Group Futurista, is a Global Tech Event-Start Up focused on catering to the needs of the future. Group Futurista has offices in Estonia and India. The CEO of Group Futurista, Mr. Satvik Katyal identifies himself as a Futurist and a Humanist.   He started the organization in 2018 with a clear aim to cater to the needs of the 21st century by bringing together the brightest and most innovative minds from across industries at the intersection of and humanity.

In the short span of 2 years, Group Futurista has hosted events on important topics such as the ‘Future of Data Protection’, ‘Digital Ethics and the Future of Digital Onboarding’, to shed light on areas such as scope of identity, biometrics, KYC, onboarding etc. to drive innovation in global trade for the future in partnership with some leading Financial Institutions and including MasterCard and HSBC.

The world is currently battling the Coronvirus Pandemic. Countries have sealed their borders and the global economy is being tested as business activity everywhere has come to a grinding halt. Almost all major global events from the Olympics to the Wimbledon have been cancelled and postponed. Social distancing has become the new norm leading to a record rise in online activity as companies and business struggle to thrive and remain connected to their customers in these unprecedented circumstances.

Covid 19 has acted as an accelerator of change by forcing even the uninitiated to move online. Measures such as Remote-ID verification, E-KYC onboarding, Contact-less payments, etc. are the need of the hour.
To control the damage caused by Covid-19 many companies and banking institutions around the world have already designed and published a series of Digital Measures to enable their clients to seamlessly enjoy “contact-free” services.

Change can be intimidating. In order to help companies make a smooth transition to the online world, Group Futurista introduces its 1st in the Series of the Futurecast Webinars Series on The Futurista Virtual Networking Platform:

Topic: “Reimagining Digital Identity after COVID 19  for FI.”

Date and Day – 30th April 2020, Thursday

Time: 2:00 PM BST

Gold sponsors: Grabba, ID R&D, V2Verify, One Span & Boloro.  

Hosted in partnership with Mastercard, ING Bank & Scotia bank

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