Differentiation, and Disruption, through Design


plays a vital role in shaping the world we live in; from the objects around us to the services we consume daily.

With increasing competition for mindshare, design is often the only differentiator for elevating a product or service from an otherwise crowded market. Small wonder, then, that a growing number of companies are turning to design in their continuous fight for relevance and growth.

However, design and creativity don’t always sit comfortably with conventional business doctrine. The discovery process that precedes great design requires that rules be broken – which usually means mistakes, and these can be perceived as wasteful failures rather than the byproduct of healthy innovation. Businesses of this mindset tend to treat design as an afterthought; often just dressing up products with a last minute costume and therefore foregoing its full potential, which is often immeasurably greater.

Design is a potent catalyst for sparking innovation and maintaining growth, yet it must be ingrained in the core of the business and given time to produce results. The perpetual journey of discovery and learning requires empathy for users, patience, and commitment – so that the end product is efficient, effective, and desirable.

At FastFin, we believe in the power of great design in everything we do. We’ve observed that successful products result from a deliberate, well-rehearsed process that places users at the center of design thinking – drawing on domain knowledge, cutting-edge , and agile delivery methods.

We’ve been fortunate to work with visionaries at global firms who share our passion for great design, and look forward to working with others who seek differentiation – and disruption – through design.

[linkedinbadge URL=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/emintatosian” connections=”off” mode=”icon” liname=”Emin Tatosian”] is Co-founder, FastFin and this post was originally published here: http://fastfin.co/differentiation-and-disruption-through-design/