What Do Women Have To Say In/To FinTech?

Alot. Actually. We are innovaters with a different point of view. By definition. Walk into your average “” gathering with an XX chromosome, and you get noticed. Maybe “it is not fair.” Ok. Suck. It. Up. By definition, if not birth, we have a disadvantage. Statistically. On the other hand, WE Have A Point Of View. We Have A Defined Audience. Go with that. In FinTech that gives us an advantage. As entrepreneurs, we take whatever advantage fate deals us.

Not all of us as entrepreneurs and leaders will “succeed. ” We get that, as , as founders, as entrepreneurs, whatever. But we will learn. Just walking into a room, filled as usual, with guys, often our age, or younger, we understand.

But as founders, as visionaries, we understand, that the odds are stacked against us. We still have the guts, the energy, the passion, to be there in the first place. We get it. We are you. Whoever you are. No matter who you are. We are you…somehow.

On Monday, September 19 2016, in Frankfurt, a revolution is underway. We are starting a new group. Frankfurt Women in Fintech. 70 people….with both xx and xy chromosomes have signed up to our meetup. Over 20 people will be in the room. Over 70 have signed up for updates. Is it you? The people who will attend are different….In some way. We all are in this space. We challenge the conventional wisdom…Just by showing up.

Hope to see you “there” even if you can’t be in the room. We are innovators by definition.

Be there or be “square”…..One way or the other. If not, get in touch. [email protected]…The revolution is us….one way or another.

See https://www.meetup.com/Frankfurt-Women-in-FinTech/

For an “MTV interlude” also see….https://youtu.be/DU6SpJJboC8

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