MUUME Brings Brick-And-Mortar Commerce to The Digital, Mobile Era

MUUME, a company that provides a platform for &; self-service&; for daily purchases, is helping brick-and-mortar businesses address new -driven consumer behaviors.

One idea behind is to bridge the gap between online and phsysical POS,  changing the consumers behavior requesting a more flexible, mobile-friendly buying experience.

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More than a platform, MUUME is reinventing the way people shop. Currently, the Swiss company offers three distinct products:

SelfServicePOS allows for digital self-service for retail and food businesses. Essentially, customers select products by scanning their QR codes or barcodes, or they can order at the business with their smartphones. The order is sent to the merchant&;s payment terminal and the customer can then choose to pay in a traditional manner at the checkout or through the mobile app.

SelfServicePRE-ORDER allows customers to pre-order products and services while paying for them simultaneously. This can be used for instance for exclusive offers or limited items. The process is designed to allow for a &8220;quick and effortless&8221; buying experience. The feature is also available for food and drinks purchases during events. In fact, MUUME has announced recently a new partnership with Swisscom to integrate this MUUME solution into the app of the Bernese soccer club BSC Young Boys (YB).

MUUME Partners With Swisscom for Soccer Matches, Events in Bern

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The collaboration allows fans and visitors of the Stadium Stade de Suisse to use the YB app to order and pay for drinks and snacks through the app starting from August 20th, reducing waiting time and allowing for an entirely digital buying experience.
For the consumer, MUUME allows for seamless, simple and an all-inclusive &8220;self-service shopping and self-service ordering and paying&8221; experience.

Users can get very easily additional product information. This can be done by barcode/QR, Beacon, Wifi and other touch points.  Customers can view its description as well as other forms of content such as images and video clips of the product, all through the app. This gives the users a clear added value.

SelfServiceM-SHOP &; a Digital self-service for shopping on the go. Either as an individual solution or in conjunction with the other key products SelfServicePOS and SelfServicePRE-ORDER.

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MUUME Shopping Flow

MUUME has an integrated cloud-based digital wallet that allows users to manage their funds in various currencies as well as similar monetary means such as coupons. The platform is &8220;multi-bank&8221; and is an independently licensed Payment Service Provider.

For the merchant, MUUME provides an efficient digital shopping experience and a self-service ordering process. This allows for increased digital convenience, which increases sales, customer loyalty and improves resource planning. As the platform allows for instant checkout and payments through the app, merchants are provided with fast liquidity, eliminating cash handling. Moreover, merchants receive monthly customer, order and payment data from the platform.

MUUME&8217;s platform can be integrated into any third party system, and was entirely developed in-house.

A 84-strong company, MUUME is headquartered in Cham, Switzerland with staff members located in Berlin, Krakow and Chisinau. The company is regulated by Switzerland&8217;s financial supervisor Finma.

In June, MUUME raised CHF 2.2 million in a Series A funding round led by Frankfurt-based private equity company Heliad Equity Partners with participation of entrepreneur and investor Hans Thomas Gross as well as the Zurich-based Family Office Keller. The capital will be dedicated to &8220;push product development and geographical-expansion,&8221; MUUME, said in a press release.

Commenting on the new funding, Thomas Hanke, CEO of Heliad Equity Partners, said:

&8220;We believe in the great potential and the USP of MUUME. We are pleased to join the company in its continued development and are convinced that MUUME will be successfully positioned in the market.&8221;



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