TawiPay renames into Monito

From François Briod, CEO of Monito: &;We change our name, not who we are are&;

When Pascal, Laurent and I decided to join forces over 3 years ago to change the world of money transfers, we had scarce knowledge about where it would lead us and how we would get there, but we certainly knew why it was worth trying.

We knew too well the frustration of paying hefty transfer fees. We got screwed ourselves, and we later discovered that reducing the unfair cost of remittances would have a huge impact on the life of millions of migrants and their family.

We quickly found that comparing the cost of international money transfer services would be the best way to beat unnecessary transfer fees, for the better.

This mission is still driving us today, and we’ve made a long way since our humble beginnings. Today, I am very proud to unveil our new name and our new logo that will accompany us for the many evolutions yet to come.

Say goodbye to , and hello to Monito!


Expect more



Guiding you from many options to the best one, comparison is at the core of what we do. Under this new symbol, you can expect more from us.

Starting from today, we’re launching the first search engine for money transfer services, allowing you to search for the provider or bank of your choice and find in-depth analyses, customer reviews, and how they rank in our Monito global score: a summary of all the provider’s strengths and weaknesses.





With Monito, more money arrives at its destination. You’ve worked hard to earn this money, we make sure that nothing is wasted on the way. This pledge is not only at the heart of our proposition to you, but now also embedded in our identity.



tawipay monito


A heart finding its way to the people you love, the final shape of our logo, is here to remind us that remittances are dollars wrapped with love, a lifeline for more than 700 million people.


We are thrilled to open this new chapter, but also to drink coffee with class! Share your money transfer story in comments below and maybe get the chance to receive the mug of your choice!


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