Insurers are the new kids on the blockchain: Everledger, Guardtime and CGSC discuss why


Ensuring cyber security, providing automated services and improving overall customer engagement are all increasing concerns in the dynamic world of that is changing with the advent of sensory devices and connected services.

however could be the saving grace to unlocking all of these issues. So, where are insurers at in adopting this and what are the benefits?

To put a spotlight on blockchain in insurance, Insurance Nexus conducted exclusive interviews with Everledger, Guardtime and CGSC and created an exclusive white paper, you can access the document right here.

Read the white paper to gain a clearer perspective on how blockchain in insurance can help you to:

  • Improve security and privacy: customer confidentiality and security concerns act as a barrier to insurers, get to grips with the way blockchain circumvent the challenges of security and privacy
  • Drive better customer engagement: for years, insurance has been regarded with little trust by customers, discover how blockchain opens the doors to innovative engagement tools in insurance
  • Implement automated services: lengthy policy approvals and claims authorizations act as a deterrent to customers and are operationally inefficient, learn how blockchain can support fast and efficient automated services

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[linkedinbadge URL=”” connections=”off” mode=”icon” liname=”Marsha Irving”]  is Head of Innovation, Insurance Nexus and this post was originally published on linkedin.