Swiss Fintech Startups Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Just like Facebook, Twitter and recently, Snapchat, are one of the most active social media platforms which attract millions of users globally.

instagram users 2016

According to, Instagram users had increased from 9 millions in 2013 to 500 millions in June 2016, an impressive growth in such a short period of time.

If Facebook is your big community to share interests and stay connected, Twitter is your latest stream of news and updates with simple texts, images and links, Snapchat is your place for live videos, then Instagram is your favourite daily photo album. It&;s all about images and just images.

So, social media wise, does Instagram fit for , Fintech firms and companies to develop their awareness? The answer is, just like any other social media platform, it depends on what is shared with the community. Several Fintech startups have been picking up the trend and doing quite well on Instagram.

In the list of Top 30 Swiss Fintech Startups, Social Media Ranking by Fintech News Switzerland, 11 out of 30 startups have been running an active Instagram .

Top 30 Swiss Fintech Startups. See details at fintech customerexperience banking digital payments onlinepayment blockchain bitcoin insurtech financial technology cryptocurrency crowdlending crowdfunding Lending finance event startups entrepreneurship entrepreneurs bigdata cryptocurrency lending p2p peertopeer switzerland banking banks innovation insurance roboadvisors

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Because of the uniqueness of Instagram, a few Fintech startups have been sharing their news and updates in form of images only with their followers in different ways.

EthereumProject &; 1,071 followers

ethereum &8211; bitcoin

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Finance Fox &8211; 737 followers &8211; 128 followers

Meilenstein für Luzerner Kantonalbank beteiligt sich strategisch an crowdhouse!!!

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Numbrs &8211; 136 followers

Centralway Numbrs. Mobile Banking.

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Sentifi &8211; 97 followers &8211; 30 followers

truewealthoffice#finally#shows#color zurich#startup#windyday

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Other accounts are AdvanonCreditGate24KnipSplenditInvestiere

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