Summer reading and viewing – an update on blockchain


My assignment with Philips is coming to an end soon. It has been quite a ride discovering , getting overly enthusiastic, realising blockchain will actually not bring world peace and ultimately creating a vision of what blockchain can actually mean for healthcare, data and privacy.

While it seems trivial that blockchains are immutable,
tamper-proof and transparent records of events
its implications can be far-reaching.

Blockchains will enable us to create data blackboxes giving control over the data back to the individual. I will post more on the content side shortly together with my partner in crime Bart Suichies. 

Before summer starts I wanted to provide an update to my earlier and some videos of conferences where I was on stage talking about the Lab and blockchain in healthcare.

After summer new horizons and new adventures will arise. Certainly in blockchain, because once you take the plunge you want to stay in. Have a great summer!

Reading List:

Let’s start with a piece that points out why we should start to rethink data –

Next a piece on the erosion of online trust. I myself would even make that broader: there has been an erosion of trust in general and for societies to function well, trust is key –

So Blockchains biggest innovation is trust as the Economist already noted in their cover article last year. The piece on coin desk reinforces that message

So what can Blockchains do in healthcare? Well for instance revolutionise research as Kaiser Permanente’s John Mattison puts forward in this interview

Or what about creating an audit trail for vaccinations, establishing an adherence program in a hospital-to-home situation, cases our team has been working on as part of the Lab.

My thoughts on Blockchain:

As mentioned above I will get back with a content piece on blockchain soon, but as a first snapshot I refer to the videos below. The first is more about how a blockchain lab functions in a big organization like Philips and the second is about what blockchain could mean for healthcare.

Panel at Ouisharefest 2016 – Paris

 Interview at Dutch Blockchain Conference

[linkedinbadge URL=”” connections=”off” mode=”icon” liname=”Arno Laeven“] is Head of Blockchain Lab at Philips and this post was originally published on linkedin.