Nexussquared Announces Grand Finale for Blockchain Startup Program Inaugural Batch

Nexussquared&8217;s first edition of nexuslab, a virtual co-organized with Startupbootcamp , is coming to its end. On July 07, 2016, the nexuslab Festival will mark the of nexuslab&;s , a one-day event that will feature a series of short pitch talks of the startups it helped nurture, as well as a number of presentations on current blockchain innovations.

nexussquared nexuslab blockchain startup accelerator

, a Zurich-based company dedicated to &;establish Switzerland as a nexus for blockchain ,&; made headlines last year when it announced the world&8217;s very first virtual blockchain startup accelerator program.

Designed to facilitate tailored coaching and &8220;inspired by the blockchain paradigms of decentralization, trust and efficiency,&8221; the rather unconventional three-month program &; dubbed Nexuslab &8211; aims at turning promising early-stage blockchain ideas and startups into &8220;winning business models.&8221;

Among the ten startups that joined nexuslab&8217;s first batch in April 2016, eight will be presenting in Zurich at the nexuslab Festival finale:


Agrello (ProofofYou)

proofofyou digital signature legal document ethereumAgrello (ProofofYou) provides an Ethereum-based platform for creating, signing, fulfilling and managing contracts and legal documents. Digital signatures are legally verifiable through a browser-based signature verification process and legal documents can communicate to each other and are capable of monitoring and notifying about changes in the process and the dynamics of the execution of contracts.

The company, based in Estonia, seeks to simplify legally and administratively intensive business processes. blockchain startup is a peer-to-peer communication system that allows providers to send digital documents securely and conveniently to their clients., a Swiss startup, uses blockchain technology for document-tracking and user authentication.


First Wallet

first wallet blockchain startupFirst Wallet, an Estonian startup, provides a payment method for content providers to sell articles without signup. First Wallet uses a blockchain-based micropayments system that allows to reduce transaction fees and enable 1 click opt-in and 0 click purchases backed by carrier billing.



Paymeabitpaymeabit blockchain startup provides &8220;nanotransactions&8221; in aimed at changing how online content get rewarded by allowing users to tip very small amounts. Users can also sell their content. Paymeabit, an Italian startup, aims at facilitating the monetization of online content.


Safe Bike

Safe Bikesafe bike blockchain startups is an application that lets users register their bicycles on the blockchain at the point of initial purchase to build a global, immutable register of ownership. Safe Bike, a service of German company Yope, allows bikes to be tagged via NFC tag and provides a universal way for accessing information using the Ethereum blockchain.


Taqanu Bank

Taqanu Banktaqanu bank blockchain startup provides basic blockchain-based banking services including debit cards and checking accounts aimed at people who don&8217;t have a fixed address such as migrants, refugees, expatriates and remote workers. This neo-bank, based in Norway, will solely operate online via apps on mobile platforms. KYC information will be stored on the blockchain.



wone finland blockchain startupWone, from Finland, provides an interoperable peer-to-peer mobile payment solution throughout Europe. Wone uses a standardized proxy lookup service that harmonizes mobile payments within the SEPA area, allowing for Pan-European interoperability in peer-to-peer payments.



zeptagram blockchain startupZeptagram, a startup from Sweden, is planning to establish a platform for traders and investors worldwide for the trading of music properties. The platform will act as a transparent Internet exchange with real-time trading and transparent order books supported by blockchain technology.


Alongside the pitch talks, nexuslab Festival will also feature a number of renowned speakers who will be covering emerging trends in blockchain technology.

These include:

Bernd lapp

Bernd Lapp

Member of the Ethereum Foundation Advisory Board, who will speak about how blockchain technology is changing current business models.

Roel Steenberger

Roel Steenbergen

Innovation Manager at Rabobank, who will tackle the future of banking and emerging fintech trends

Fabian Vogelsteller

Fabian Vogelsteller

Ethereum Lead Ðapp Developer & Curator of “The DAO,” who will give a keynote on The DAO

Nexuslab Festival will take place at Kaufleuten Festsaal in Zurich, starting from 12:45pm to 6:30pm.

You can get your free ticket here.

nexuslab festival

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