New Trade Journal Software With Hedge Fund Reporting Capabilities to be launched

image03Los Angeles, CA – May, 2016

JournalSqrd is a digital software that allows traders to run fund-style reports and analytics with their own logo, own data.  In seconds traders can plug into the system, upload a logo, and run a number of different reports that look how they want, and then send them off to clients, potential clients, employers in a few clicks.

New startup JournalSqrd has launched a rewards campaign via IndieGoGo to finish development of their revolutionary for traders.  The company set out to raise $15,000 to finish development of the software that will give access to every trader tools that are normally reserved for large funds. 

You can view the campaign here:

“As a trader myself, I know the challenges of running your business and marketing your performance.  I wanted to give traders a tool similar to those used by billion dollar hedge funds, without them having to spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars creating it.”

Are you looking for a tool that will allow you to:

  • Run over 100 analytics based upon your own trading
  • Create fund-style reports with your own logo and your own performance
  • Market your performance with reports created by hedge fund managers

As part of their campaign, JournalSqrd will be giving away a LIMITED NUMBER of memberships for very large discounts.  Check out the campaign for more on membership options.  The highlighted reward is your first 6-months membership for only $100 (which is a savings of $482 off of the normal membership price), but they are offering many other great options as well.

Since the launch of a small demo-site displaying just a few of the features of JournalSqrd, more than 1,000 people have signed up for beta access.  Interest has come from hedge fund managers, financial advisors and independent traders.  Check out the campaign, or feel free to contact them directly with questions.

Contact Information:

Justin Petsche


[email protected]

You can find the campaign at: